Silicone Spreader

Silicone Spreader and Adjuvant

GreenCore BioSolutions is Silicone Spreader manufacturer and supplier. It is a wetting agent which is developed to improve the spreading, wetting and penetration. It is used along with various agrochemicals such as pesticides, fungicides and various other nutrients. It reduces the surface tension to a very low level which results rapid wetting and spreading on leaves of the crop. Spreader lowers down the surface tension of the spray solution which results in much more efficient spread upon the leaves and penetration of the spray solution. It is also called as agriculture adjuvant. Best quality of products make GreenCore BioSolutions top Silicone Spreader manufacturer and supplier in India.

Method of application

Silicone Spreader is compatible with most of the agrochemicals and can be used on most crops. This wetting agent is mixed  with the recommended dose as given on the label of the bottle and that of the farm-chemicals (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, growth boosters, fertilizer).

It should be added to the prepared stock solution of the agro-chemical at the last. This is done as Silicone Spreader is a good emulsifier and helps in mixing the agrochemicals with water medium. It is new generation multi-action silicon based adjuvant used for agricultural purpose to improve the efficiency of all the spray solutions of various agrochemicals such as pesticides, fungicides and various other nutrients.


It is compatible with all the crop care molecules.

  • Uniform and fast spreading of agrochemical within few seconds of spray on the leaves
  • Reduces the loss of agrochemicals due to rain
  • Improves bio-availibilty and ultimately bio-efficacy of the agrochemicals and can reduce the spray volume
  • 10 times better and effective than carbon based spreaders and stickers
  • High compatibility, thus can be applied with broad range of agrochemicals
  • Higher and faster absorption rate
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