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Pheromone Traps Manufacturer and Supplier

GreenCore BioSolutions is pheromone traps manufacturer and supplier in India. We are engaged in manufacturing of the most innovative range of products  such as Fruit-fly lures, Melon-Fly Lures and Traps, Solar Traps, Sticky Traps. It helps in integrated pest management solutions. We are located at Baramati, Pune, Maharashtra in India.

We help farmers for better productivity with our innovative safe pheromone traps and other agricultural products.  We accept the challenges and manage today’s agriculture and its dependents. At GreenCore BioSolutions, we are dedicated to educate farmers and become a complete solution provider using pheromone traps.

With the help of our highly qualified and experienced professionals, we are committed to develop better innovative products in crop protection and crop health.

The mission of GreenCore BioSolutions is to guide farmers by mentoring and assisting in managing their farms. The company’s customer-oriented mission is stated in our Corporate Promise:

  1.  Offer technical and non-technical guidance on Agriculture management.
  2.   Provide excellent customer service through knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful consultants.
  3.   Provide solutions to agriculture-related opportunities and uplift his socio-economical background.

This mission will carry these principles of the company with various business modules in Agriculture.

Insect Pheromone Traps

Sex pheromones are usually produced by female insects to attract males of the same species for mating.

We are Pheromone Traps Manufacturer and Supplier in India

In Integrated Pest Management (IPM), pheromones are used for various purposes such as monitoring through trap catch, killing through mass trapping (attract and kill), mating disruption and attracticide methods.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The chemical pesticide has very adverse effects of on the environment, human health and nature. To reduce the use of synthetic pesticides in crop protection, we shall use alternative and novel methods for pest control as IPM.

A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine.

Best Selling Products

Among the various limiting factors for the quality of fruit and vegetable production of these crops, fruit flies are the most important as it cause up to 90% damage in various crops. These fruit flies are very difficult to manage as they have various host range of fruits and vegetables. The application of insecticides is not much effective and more over cause numerous hazards to the environment. Therefore, an eco-friendly technology ’Fruit Fly Trap’ has been devised.
Sticky traps are quite valuable to growers. They are used for one of two things: Trapping or monitoring. By catching the winged adults with Sticky Traps before they reach the plants, the growth of the pests will be delayed. It also helps in reducing existing insect population. These traps also help in monitoring the pests in the field so that preventive measures can be taken. The bright lemon yellow and blue colors act as attractant.
Solar insect trap

Presently, the consumers emphasize on safe and non-chemical food. The producers should reduce pesticide to decrease farmers’ and consumer’s health problems by creating non-chemical and pesticide measures. Moreover, agriculturalists has tried to find other ways instead of chemical used such as using lights to tempt pests which is popular way for farmers. However, that way is still lack of electric energy for bulbs because the farm is far away, and trap is also expensive.

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