Who We Are?

Our Mission

We strive for environmentally friendly and sustainable farming, and one of our main challenges is reducing pesticide use in agricultural practices. Pheromone-based technology has already been shown to be effective for specific pest control and beneficial insect protection. We, at Pherotrap Solution, are a research and development-based company that can provide highly advanced, efficient, and cost-effective Pheromone-based technology products. Greencore BioSolutions has been involved in both the development and final production of Pheromone-based technology products.

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Pheromone Tablet Technology (PTT) is a technology for agriculture where an adult male insect (pest) is attracted using a female sex hormone scent synthesized in the lab and loaded in a tablet formulation. Such tablets can be used in fields along with trap to attract male insects and trap it. It imbalances the natural mating as the number of male insects are not very less and thereby prevent reproduction of next generation of pests.

GreenCore’s pheromone Technology is playing a key role in the drive towards sustainable agriculture and a greener environment.

Pheromone Traps for Pest Management

The traditional method of control for these insect pests depends upon applications of chemical pesticides at regular intervals from planting to harvest. Uncontrolled use of chemical pesticides has many detrimental effects on human beings, soil, animals and environment. These pests and harmful insects become resistant to the pesticides and insecticides due to the indiscriminate and injudicious use of wide spectrum insecticides and pesticides. 

Under such circumstances, the insecticidal control of insect pests should be minimized by means of the population monitoring for timely application of insecticides coinciding with vulnerable stages of the insect pests.

Pheromones are considered as the essential components for monitoring, mass trapping, mating disruption, attract and kill and also combined with other non-chemical IPM strategies for the management of various harmful insects and pests. These chemicals have now been synthesized in laboratories  and used for lure making  to monitor and mass trap the adult population of harmful insects.

Pheromone-driven technology is an important method for the management of the agricultural pests. Pheromones are revolutionizing the way we control pests in agriculture. These lab made perfumes of the insect world are very safe and environmental friendly option to insecticides that has never been possible before.

We have not inherited the land from our fathers, but have borrowed it from our children.

Use it wisely.

Extraordinary Experiences

GreenCore expects to be recognized by our customers and users for delivering the highest quality of products. 

We create excellent solutions for agriculture by carefully listening to farmers’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

We help to protect the environment from harmful chemicals, conserve natural resources and promote environmental awareness through our actions.

Our Core Values

We strongly believe in “Focus on the user and all else will follow”. Our services are characterized by their quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness along with below values.

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