Delta Traps

Delta Traps

delta trap is a type of insect trap commonly used for monitoring and trapping agricultural pests. It is designed to attract and capture insects that are attracted to pheromone tablet lures. It catches small to medium-sized flying insect pests.

Delta trap is triangular-shaped; made up of durable, corrugated plastic and bright colored. Its base acts as a landing platform for the insects. It is coated with non-drying glue to trap insects. The glue is coated on all three inner sides of the delta trap to increase the catching efficiency. The tablet lure can be placed centrally as shown in the photos.

The delta trap design is effective for monitoring and trapping the insect. The triangular shape and bright yellow color of the trap make it visually attractive to flying insects. It is used with pheromone lure. Insects are lured through it and drawn towards the trap, eventually landing on the sticky surface and getting trapped.

The trap installment is simple and quick. It just requires addition of pheromone lure, which is placed in the center of the trap base.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It can be used over many seasons due to durable material.
  • It is used with any pheromone lure.

How to Use

  • Always use high-quality pheromone lures along with delta traps.
  • Number of traps to be installed may vary depending on the field size. We suggest using 10-15 traps per acre.
  • Remove the release paper from the trap.
  • Traps should be fastened to the trees using metal wires above the canopy as per the plant height.
  • Fold the trap properly by sticking the opposite sides to each other to form a triangular shape.
  • Take out the tablet lure and place it in the middle of the sticky surface of the trap.
  • Replace the traps once the trap surface is filled with insects.
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