Fruit-Fly Traps

Fruit-Fly Lures and Glass Traps

At GreenCore, we manufacture Fruit Fly Traps.

In Maharashtra, the most important cultivated fruit crops are Mango, Papaya, Pomegranate, Banana, Gauva and Custard apple. Fruit flies are main reason which hampers the quality of these crops and causing crop damage. Although these are difficult to manage, it can be easily controlled using Fruit Fly Lures and Traps. Many fruit trees are high in height so difficult to apply chemical insecticide. These traps are much effective against these flies and also it is non-hazardous to environment compared to insecticide spray

Benefits of Fruit Fly Traps are:

  • Very effective at controlling fruit flies compared to sprayed insecticides.
  • High quality fruits are produced
  • Easy and cheap to install than spraying insecticides…
  • Longer duration of action
  • Trapping of male fruit flies reduces mating, which leads to lower number of new flies.
  • Traps works in all whether condition

Fruit-Fly Traps

GreenCore BioSolutions is technology based Agriculture Company which manufactures tech driven and eco-friendly products against pests on fruit and vegetable crops. These products are best alternatives to pesticides in terms of safety, efficacy and use.

Directions to use Fruit Fly Traps :

  • Fix 6-8 Fruit Fly Lures/Traps per acre of field.
  • Traps should be attached to the trees at 4-5 feet height using metal wires as per the tree height where there is no direct sunlight.
  • Replace the traps after 30-45 days and in case of reduced catch or no catch.
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